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Why having a wedding planner is important

Posted by laprisseweddingevents

Brides usually don't see the importance of having a wedding planner. It is often, regarded as an extravagant expense. Planning a wedding or social events takes much more than what most people think happens at events. For brides, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on your big day, the day some women have dreamed since adolescents. A bride should be enjoying her day with her groom and family.

The reasons why a planner is important is because a list of unforeseen events may occur. A bridesmaid is uncooperative, you forgot an important item at home. Who will receive your guests while you get ready? Do you have to worry about your vendors, are some of them running late? Are there last payments that need to be taken care off? And the list may go on...

A planner knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry, most of them are trained and certified professionals. They can negotiate with vendors on your behalf, create the alternative to a design that will save you money, yet create the vision that you want for your wedding. Planners do offer a variety of service packages that range from the beginning of planning till the day of your wedding.

Once you’re engaged the planning begins, questions, research, and the many DIY resources that are available may or may not create a mayhem of questions and the endless list of things that need to get done. Where do you start?

This is where a planner comes in, they take in your ideas, budget, and the overall vision of your wedding to make it a reality. From the smallest details, that add up all the way to the overall décor presentation of your event. It is also, the time when you need the assurance of a professional, in order to calm your nerves.

A planner will keep track of all contact list of your vendors and reviewing contracts, what needs to be taken care of with your vendors, any last minute changes.

Does your photographer have all the required photos that are requested to be taken?

Making sure your vendors are on time, and is there a plan B, if one does not show up. Do you have someone you can call off hand to step in? Planners always have a list of preferred vendors that they can refer to.

Will the venue provide the services to your specifications? The menu, room setting, proper seating, and the guest's list are taken off?

Does the DJ or band have the proper list of all the songs that you want at your wedding?

A wedding planner will take these tasks, and keep you focused on the enjoyment of you planning your wedding. You may tend to feel overwhelmed, and start procrastinating then working on your bridal plan countdown till your big day. You still have your work life and personal life you must tend to. They will help you with scheduled vendor appointments, wedding dress shopping with you and your bridesmaids, mother of the bride. Enjoy being a bride-to-be!

They may also help you with your groom’s attire.

Keep you on a budget, help with event décor and design. Some may even offer you design services.

Keep you on time for your wedding day, making sure the day runs smoothly. Do you see yourself calling the florist to find out if the bouquet arrived? Are the centerpieces decorated as specified? Are you the one finding out that the venue is being uncooperative on your linens, chair covers, or even the specific room you wanted? Is the cake delivered safely? And the list may go on... if you are trying to get ready, and the mayhem is ongoing.

As a wedding planner, it is our job to keep things under control, remain calm even when things may seem out of control!

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have unlimited time to plan my wedding day?

Do I have a list of vendors that I can trust and work with?

Will I be comfortable negotiating contracts and getting the best price for their services?

Who will return the tuxedos the day after?

Will I have the time to make sure my wedding party is on the same page?

Is everyone in order during the recessional?

Do I have an event timesheet to make sure my wedding runs smoothly?

Must I be the host and director on my wedding day?

Will I be comfortable negotiating contracts with caterers, photographers, florists, stationaries, cake designers, car rentals etc.?

Will I have to delegate or have a member of my family run through the major events in the reception such as – first dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, and the last dance? When they should be having fun.

If you are not planning on hiring a wedding planner, think of who will do all these tasks when they arise on the wedding day. Most incidents that happen at weddings will not fall under the venue’s or caterer’s responsibility.

It will be very hard to keep focus with all the distractions on your wedding day. Such as making last payments and gratuities to your vendors. Leaving your guests to tend to vendors and other things that may arise. Instead, you are left with no worries, just the pure enjoyment of the celebration of love with your Groom, family, and friends. You don't want to lose a single moment on your wedding day!

Have someone you hired delegate these tasks all throughout the wedding to the last moments up until you go take your flight to your honeymoon. Envision, your wedding was a complete success. Everything went smoothly, your guests had a great time, marveled at your event from the décor, to the entertainment. "It was the best wedding they ever attended" You enjoyed their company and celebrated with them. You are satisfied!

Instead of worrying about what needs to be done next?

Having a wedding planner may be the best investment you make for having peace of mind in knowing, you do not need to feel the stress of planning your wedding. They save you time, money, stress and provide you with guidance and creativity. They have your best interest at heart, and you are their priority.


Congratulations on your engagement. Now, its time to start planning for your amazing day. Whether you have been waiting for that famous question or it was a total surprise. There is a lot to look forward to, the enjoyment of looking forward towards a life together as a couple. But before the dream becomes a reality. Here are some concerns that may come while planning your wedding. For the process not to become overwhelming.

First step is to determine the date of your wedding. Decide on the season, if it will be a spring, or winter wedding. The dates that will best fit you and your fiancé. Of course, it is always best to plan a year to two years ahead. It is tempting to have a short engagement, but the planning can be a bit rushed and stressful.

Next, is the selection of your venue, this will guide you in the type of wedding that you envision, the décor all the way to the selection of your dress. This will determine the whole look and feel of your wedding and most importantly your budget.

I suggest hiring a professional wedding planner. A planner can help make your experience easier, enjoyable, and provide advice throughout your wedding process. They will assist you in the selection of all your vendors, from your florists, photographers, event décor, entertainment, and the list goes on. A planner can help you decide with several details to coordinate your wedding efficiently.

Work on your guests lists

Decide who is top priority apart from family and close friends. Make it your homework to really work on the guest lists. It can become a dauting process for you and your fiancé. If you do have to trim the guests lists then do so. Remember, that you are sharing the guest list with your parents and your grooms parents. Attempt to divide the list equally. Create a A and B list and a Maybe list. If one part of the family is hosting the event, they might have a few more guests on their list than the other side If the families are sharing the costs, it should be divided equally. Decide wisely on friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.

Then send Save-the-date cards

Choose a photographer that can provide you with some fun pictures that reflects your personalities. The cards should be mailed seven months prior to your wedding. Your actual invitations should be mailed 4 to 6 months prior, especially or sooner if you are having a destination wedding, this will allow your guests to plan-ahead.

Involve your fiancé in some aspects of the planning, the ones he is available for. A wonderful way for him to feel included. Some of the planning, he might really enjoy such as the choosing of the venue, the first meeting with your event planner, the food tasting at the venue, selecting the flavors of the wedding cake, the selection of his suit and those of his groomsmen, and making arrangement for the honeymoon. He can also decide the gifts for his groomsmen as a way of saying “Thank you” for being part of his day.

As your planning, enjoy the process, share your visions with each-other, reach your decisions mutually. Have consideration towards working together, this is only the beginning of making major family decisions together. Remember to have fun, being engaged, towards a blissful beautiful marriage.


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Duties of a Bridesmaid

Posted by laprisseweddingevents​

I enjoy planning every detail of a wedding. But there is something that a wedding planner has no control over is who the bride asked to be in the wedding party.

There are stories that can be silly, ridiculous or things that may just hurt that comes along when you involve families, money, and emotions…

But there is a fine art in being a bridesmaid. How a woman behaves as a bridesmaid can either make or break a friendship.

Remember, it is an honor, if the bride has asked you to be a major participant in her life, it is because she values you, your trust and friendship.

Here are some guidelines:

Leave all negativity out the door

It is not needed. Be cooperative, pleasant, have a positive attitude and enjoy the process with her. Give your suggestions in a sensitive manner as not to offend, on certain decisions she may make. That would not necessarily be your own. Understand, it is her choice and decisions that will matter in the end. For example, if her heart is set on serving pigs in a blanket during cocktail hour, it’s her choice.

Are you carrying your weight in the friendship?

Be a yes girlfriend for the period that you are a bridesmaid. Remember to be supportive and attentive to the bride. It is not about you, you are there for her. Be agreeable, don’t be hypocritical. Suggest and give her advice that will benefit her for her special day. Nothing good has ever come from a disagreeable bridesmaid.

Be part of the Party!

Stay involved, yes you do have your personal life to tend to. But if you are a true friend or family for that matter. Make her feel that you care for her happiness and you are there to share it with her. As a bridesmaid, it is your duty to participate in all the wedding activities, even if you despise, the toss of the bouquet for example. Get out there and get ready to catch it, if you can.


Don’t stress if you have to miss on one or two of the events, for example, the bachelorette party. Especially, if you are out-of-town. Let the bride know in advance if you can’t make an event offer to help in any way so you can be there in spirit!

If you find yourself unable to perform the duties of being a bridesmaid. It is best, to be honest with the bride. Give her ample time minimum four months to find a replacement or to redistribute tasks to the other bridesmaids, if necessary. Have a talk explain the situation that led to your decline. Don’t make bad excuses over something that can be talked and understood by both parties.

If it is of a last minute emergency, for example, sickness or death the family. Well, that can always be understood and forgiven. As long as it is coming from a place of truth.

Stick with her style:

This is not the time to force or impose your style and ideas upon your friend, you can make suggestions to her that may compliment her style. Remember it is her day and her wedding. Plan a bridal shower and a bachelorette party that will still reflect her taste and style or parts of the wedding theme. Remember, the small details that she loves and you know she would appreciate seeing them in areas of the décor for the bridal or wedding shower. The Bachelorette may be fun but still needs to remain tasteful and respectful.

Go dress shopping!

If there are appointments to attend with her. Make the effort to free up a few hours for it. This is crucial because you are part of the overall look for the wedding. If you are living out-of-town and can’t make it. This is the perfect opportunity to offer some research on narrowing some styles. Look and discuss styles with her online see the many choices in styles that are to choose from. Offer suggestions, but be willing to go with a style that she prefers.

Be a true friend:

This is more than doing your bridesmaids duties. This is not the time to let her down, it is actually the time when the true value of your friendship will shine. Have a listening ear, when she needs to vent and share some of her concerns. Help her brainstorm, have the other bridesmaids share their opinions. Have common ideas pertaining to the overall look of her wedding. It is always good to make everyone feel involved. So no competitiveness is necessary.

Agree to disagree:

As a group, not all suggestions will be accepted. If the ideas become too overwhelming, suggest to take a break, and it is nothing to take personally. Be receptive and accept the final decisions. You don’t want to stick like a sore thumb when everyone agrees on something and you don’t.

Behavior is key:

You don’t want family or be the talk of the wedding… the day after. Have a few drinks, but no excessive drinking. Be mindful, of how you want to represent yourself as a friend or family member to her guests. No getting in disagreements with anyone remain pleasant and cordial. No sneaking off for example with an attractive groomsman, pleasant reminder! Remain social and involved in the celebration.

Be the voice of reason:

Stay calm even in the most stressful moments, calmness is contagious to everyone.

Help as much as possible:

In some or all aspects of the wedding. Help her do some research online on vendors, flower arrangements, seating arrangements, guest lists etc. Make it fun, it might even be some time for you to also learn what goes on in planning a wedding. You never know, you might be next, be prepared.

A bride wants most of all is to look and feel beautiful on her special day. For her family and guests to be happy and to see her wedding day go without a problem. Her happiness of sharing in her celebration is her way of saying Thank you. It is an unselfish act.

Most of all, it is important to remember to take these tasks seriously, and remember you are doing this for your friend the bride. Being a bridesmaid can be fun and truly define your relationship for the rest of your lives. It is not worth losing a good friend over uncooperation. Be there to make this the happiest day of her life and share in her excitement!


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When planning a Destination Wedding

Posted by laprisseweddingevents

Planning a destination wedding could be the most exciting yet stressful time of your life. Every detail of your wedding must be planned ahead of time before you get to your destination. Checking the best flight deals, blocking off rooms for your guests. Making sure the resort will be an enjoyable stay for yourself as a couple and for your guests. That is why when planning a destination wedding not only will you need to be in touch with the on-site wedding planner if it is provided in your package. Don’t assume that the on-site planner is included unless the contract specifically states that. If you are promised a pre-wedding planner or a day of the wedding coordinator then make sure that both are included in the contract. But also, it always helps to have your personal planner there with you to go over all the details. From your contract to the very end of your event.

The contract is always the most crucial in all-inclusive resorts. And should be read carefully. If you are not attentive on a detailed contract, then you may set yourself up for failure. Make sure all your questions are answered. Read the entire contract and add any details that may be missing before signing it.

The details are in the packages, what are they offering in exchange for their fees. Will some of what is listed in the packages close to what you envision for your wedding. In terms, of your color palette, theme, and floral arrangements. Look at their packages based on prior events that have taken place with a particular package. Will it work for you?

The contract may be long and tedious due to all the many vendors that will be offering their services for your marriage on that day. From the minister, the florist, the DJ, the photographer to the caterer.

The contract should state if the resort will help you attain a marriage license. It should include what their responsibilities will be, and how many days in advance you have to provide the documents so that they can help expedite the marriage license. In addition, it should include who is going to pay for the marriage license and the government fees that are standard at most destination weddings. Some all-inclusive wedding packages will include this fee while others don’t.

The Ceremony:

Should be one that is memorable to you as a couple and your guests. A discussion should be made ahead of time of where you may want to have your wedding. If it will be an indoor or outdoor wedding. What options are available? by the beach, the garden area, or a few special designated areas they may have just for ceremonies. Make sure the contract states a backup location for the ceremony in case of inclement weather.

For the Minister or Officiant:

Make sure you specify what language the wedding ceremony will be conducted in. The last thing is to have a ceremony where you or your guests don’t understand the language. Look to see if the contract specifies whether the ceremony will be a civil one, a non-denominational one or semi-religious. It is best to ask exactly what type of ceremony you would like. And ask them to please have someone with a clear speaking voice. One everyone can hear and understand. Will they have a microphone, will they provide the couple with a microphone. As with most destination weddings, the ceremony may have background noises such as the sound of the ocean which is unavoidable.


The contract should specify the types of flowers, seasonal or non-seasonal, the style of the bouquets, the boutonnieres, floral arrangements that will be prepared for the ceremony to the reception arrangements. The cost may go up quickly based on all floral arrangements. Best to be as creative as possible with your décor.


The contract should state what package along with a list of wedding poses, a view of prior wedding albums to show the level of work from the photographer. What types of pictures that will be taken and which ones you want them to take. What is even better is having a set of your own list of wedding poses you would like taken. Stay within a reasonable number of pictures if you bring your own list. The package should include the number of pictures with a set price, CDs or USB, size of the photographs and the prices. The photographers should take their time to take the pictures, they must be aware of the exact time the bride and bridal party will start preparations for the wedding. From the start to the cutting of the cake, your pictures should be taken. A couple should have the choice to keep their pictures even though it may be the property of the hired photographer. Make sure you have copyrights to your pictures released to you. It should include pricing for any additional pictures you may choose to buy afterward. And nothing should come to you as a surprise to make you spend more.


The contract should have whether the music will be provided by you for the ceremony pre-recorded and how long it will be. Give them the playlist of the music you want for the entrance, and the recessional and what will be played at your reception. Usually, you will have a DJ, but in some parts of the world, you may have a live band.


The menu must be discussed ahead of time, at the cocktail hour what will be served. Is champagne included? For the reception, the menu may have the preference of what you think some of your guests will like. A selection of choice menu should be included.

Wedding Cake:

The contract should specify the flavor of the cake, the number of tiers, and the size, depending on the number of guests. A tasting session should be included the day prior to the wedding, included in the contract.


The resort wedding contract should include the menu, the number of guests allowed, the cost per person, the set-up and the location of the diner. You have a choice from some resorts to choose where you want to host your guest, will it be by the garden, the beach, the restaurant or a designated room. Will you want a private affair, or don’t mind mingling with hotel guests at a restaurant? Is there a children’s menu? then determine a breakdown for the adults. The contract should also include the hourly rate they will charge in case you exceed the designated time for the reception.

Outside Vendor:

If you have hired an experienced outside vendor, then make sure that the contract states that the resort is allowing it. If it is not included in the contract, it is not guaranteed. However, to be on the safe side by not depending on an on-site planner. You should have a personal wedding planner helping you from the very beginnings of your destination wedding planning. That vendor should have insurance liability, to be on the safe side at a destination. Have a written contract with your personal planner in terms of fees for their services, the fees should include their flights and hotel room expenses, determine their length of stay. Are they working the wedding on an hourly basis or day of coordination? All these factors must be put into consideration to ensure your event will run smoothly.


Before signing any contracts, consult a lawyer.

If you have done your homework, and envision your destination to be a beautiful memorable experience by taking these steps. Then you should have no problems. Enjoy your wedding and have fun in the process.



What should your Bridal Party pay for?

Posted by laprisseweddingevents

This is always a big question after you have said yes to your bride to be a member of her bridal party. It is going to be fun! you are a member of her entourage and its special. But what are you actually going to pay for?

Well, being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility you are there to help your bride make decisions throughout her planning until her big day. You are part of her vision! But having a wedding is much more than a big party.

When being a bridesmaid you have to consider the different parties that will come along and that you will have to give your full participation. There are the bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, including cost in bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and hair and make-up, leading up to the big day.

To avoid any awkward moments or confusion stay open to communication. Offer your help and support in this process depending on how much you can actually spend. Be honest, forthcoming and happy for her. If you are a person that loves the idea of being a bridesmaid and can afford to participate to accomplish this fantastic event for her, that is wonderful. But if you are struggling or in a little bit of a bind. Let her know. Do as much as you can afford to do. Be mindful, of your expenses, but also consider the value of your friendship with your bride.

First and foremost what should be discussed is the budget among the bridesmaids. That will determine what type of parties you can host for your bride. Will it be simple event or an elaborate one.


Are responsible for their attire, shoes, accessories, plus alterations. If the need arises. Which can range from $35 to $100 depending upon the dress that is chosen which may run from anywhere from $150 to $500.

The shower:

The maid of honor along with the bridesmaids pay for the shower. It may vary where other family members may want to chip in. Which may help in the expenses. Since other events, these days are just as elaborate as the wedding itself. Make the decision, if it will be a small or big event based on the number of guests. Be mindful, if it is a venue that you want to host the shower at, or at a residence. Either way, you have to consider food, entertainment, event décor, and coming up with some awesome fun bridal shower games to do. Also, shower gifts are different from wedding gifts. Bridal showers may cost from $1.000 to $6.000 or more.

Bachelorette bash:

The entire bridal party plans it. The maid of honor should see that drinks, food, entertainment and travel expenses such as a limo split evenly... runs from anywhere from $200 to $1.000.

Hair and Make-up:

This is optional by the bridesmaids or the bride. Will cost from $100 to $200.

Remember to be gracious towards each other and the bride. As the bride asking these ladies their devotion for you on your day and prior. Repay them with kindness and understanding. For the bridesmaids that are making the effort to be there for you, yet may have a little financial setback. Tell them you don't expect a gift. But rather their time, and what they can afford. If they're far-flung, be accommodating by having the shower and bachelorette party on the same weekend. If someone cannot make it, due to a reasonable emergency.

No guilty feelings.

But the bridesmaids have to make sure to be there for the wedding. If a bridesmaid is uncooperative or maybe actually impeding on your happiness. Know that may affect the friendship forever.

Best to always have a backup bridesmaid. It is never worth losing a good friendship. The reason the bride asked in the first place is that they value your friendship.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the whole process. You never know you might be the next bride. And the same courtesy will be offered to you.


Top 5 Manhattan Wedding Catering Lessons from an Experienced Professional

The food and reception will be among the first tasks to tackle when you’re planning a wedding. You may be tempted to take matters into your own hands, but you’ll soon face challenges you never expected. Remember: You’re doing this once. Caterers do this every day. They’ve gained a great deal through experience, and you can benefit from their knowledge. As proof, you may find it helpful to review a few lessons one of the best Manhattan wedding catering professionals learned over the years. We asked Thomas Olivers Gourmet Catering for advice and this is what they shared.

  1. Start with a Reasonable Budget: Regardless of the number of digits, coming up with a relatively accurate budget at the outset is critical – as is a commitment to not going over it. When you have a figure in mind, you can then move on to deciding the venue, guest list, and details of the celebration itself. It’s a bad idea to work the other way around: Planning the wedding and then trying to fit it into your budget will lead to disappointment.

        2. Consider Logistics: You have a big picture view of how your wedding will look, but you may not know the extent of the details necessary to make it happen. If the ceremony and the reception are at different venues, you need a way to get guests from one location to another – in time for the celebration. From a Manhattan wedding catering standpoint, transportation of food, supplies, the cake, and other essentials is a key factor. If you lose track of the logistics, those little details can become big problems.

            3. The Setting is as Important as the Food: As you’re planning the menu, consider how food service is affected by the venue. A buffet may not work well in a smaller space or older, architectural building without open concept layout. In some situations, you may not even want a full meal: Passed appetizers are glamorous when guests are roaming through an art gallery, museum, or garden. Plus, you’re sure to please even the most discerning guests with more variety.

            4. Don’t Go Overboard with a Theme: Your wedding isn’t the best opportunity to show a theme. Though a tied-together look and catering is important to planning, don’t take things too far. You want your wedding to be memorable as a celebration of your life together. An over-the-top theme detracts from this objective

 5. Finishing Touches Make a Difference: As the party winds down and guests depart, make sure they go away with a thoughtful gift that says you 

appreciate their attendance. In some cases, your family, friends, and loved ones will be coming from far away. Make sure you thank them for making the trip. A personalized finishing touch doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Your caterer can prepare a nice pouch of candies, mini cupcake, split of champagne, or other token of gratitude.

Are You Planning a Wedding? Make Sure to Contact a Professional

For more information on how a catering specialist can make your wedding unforgettable, make sure to reach out to a skilled professional.

 To be sure, a wedding planner, together with a caterer, can help make sure you create lasting memories on your perfect day.

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