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The Coronavirus has effected everyone in all insdustries. And has turned our celebritory world upside down. The impact has left a lot of us lost, sad, tired and in shock. When it comes to couples who looked forward to their beautiful event as the months continued with the pandemic, were left with the pain of having to postpone their weddings. Must have been the hardest experience for them. And I understand, it has been quite an ordeal for them and for us as vendors. Hopefully, as we reach the end of year of 2021. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. And we are looking optimistic!

As your planner, you will not have to question or worry weither I have been vaccinated and taking all necessary precautions. I am fully-vaccinated, taking all measures of safety, such as wearing a mask, wearing gloves when necessary, frequent hand washing, and sanitizing, practicing social distancing, self-monitor for symptoms, get tested if necessary and isolate. Do live streaming to reduce number of in-person contacts, and

give best advice on how to proceed with your planning needs during this pandemic.

I value my health and those around me. For me safety is my priority and those of my clients.

I do encourage that the same measures are taken with our clients for their events/weddings. 

So, that family, friends, and loved ones remain safe and in our lives.


                ​Thank You from Laprisse Wedding Events

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